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Francescaem best 2 top trump cards

We made are own top trump sets of cards and this is my favorite set of 2 and as well as that we learnt how to switch a PDF file to a J peg and we learnt to witch fonts and all that sort of things.

The thing that went well was trying to find the cute pictures of all the dogs i needed.

I think that nothing could be in proved.

I really did enjoy my project as it was finding all the cute pictures of all the dogs [I LOVE DOGS].

Dayas – Best two top trumps cards

reflection: I had to make a top trumps card using shapes an J peg and pasting pictures now I am going to put it on the blog.

I got lots of help from a brilliant teacher and did my best.

I think the thing  I was doing it about was a bit poor but overall I did well.

I enjoyed it very much because now I  have learnt to do something new.

Leila B-Two best top trump cards





There were a lot of things I had to do that I didn’t know you could do like changing things to JPEG , putting things onto the blog and making 10 top trump cards

I think I did most things like detail quite well but there were a few things I think I could improve

Things I could improve were  making the cards the same and putting in more detail

I loved this project so much and I wish we could do it again!

Etienne B – Two best top trump cards


I had to do a lot of things I have never done in my life so it was quite hard but I did it. Like changing fonts , pasting pictures ,copying the top trump cards and making twenty top trump cards.It went well because I had a brilliant teacher that helped me. I could improve on my pasting ,but overall it was so fun and I would love to do it again!

edwardshep best two top trumps!


What did you do? I made borders,changed the colors on things made a jpeg and a PDF and inserted some pictures.

What did you do well?I did the pictures very well and using the category for the cars.

What could you improve?I could improve with some more details and fonts,colors.

Did you enjoy the project?Yes I enjoyed it very much!!!!!

Ahmad S-My Best Two Cards

top trumps set 3 Reflection:

I had fun making these top trumps but the most hardest thing was making it first I had to go onto the internet and find some pictures next I had to get the right colours and shapes to match the back round. After that I get the right boarder for the right picture. I could improve them by adding more detail.  The things I did well was the writing size was good and end everithing is the same size. 

Erin-H My Best Two Top Trump Cards

Reflection :

We made Top Trump cards on Microsoft word and then we made them into a PDF and a Jpeg  and then we put it into our computing file so we could post them on our blog .

I think I did well when we made them into a PDF and then a Jpeg and when we were posting them online .

I think I could improve on importing pictures and making shapes and changing the colours of the text .

I enjoyed doing our Top Trump cards thoroughly and I would love to do them again .

ruby p- my best two cards


We started on word. Then we changed the colour, font and shapes. Once we had finished we moved it onto PDF and then a j peg.

I think I did well choosing the shapes and images, because I looked really carefully at them both.

I could improve my top trump cards by adding more colour to them both and more of a verity of fonts.

I liked this project, because I got to know how to make folders and get better at using word.


Elisabeth O – My best two cards


First I made a colour-filled shape on word. Then, I put some shapes on top of the big shape on the bottom. After that, I went onto the internet and chose some pictures to put on my cards. I have done my cards on the subject of animals, so I had to put animals and their species on my cards. When we had finished on word, we changed it to a PDF because word couldn’t get it to go on. It still didn’t go on, so we changed it to a JPEG and it went onto this. We logged on and we put them on and wrote an explanation.

I chose the pictures carefully and I think I got some very cute ones. I chose a different shape to other people to make it one of a kind, which I think is quite good.

I could improve the paws underneath the pictures as the dots went a bit wonky. I also could have changed the colour of the font to make it a little bit more interesting.

I enjoyed this very much.

Nehemiah O-My best two top trump cards


i enjoyed doing this project it helped me to learn more how to create things on on computers.

i think my top trumps are the best things i have made on a computer.

i think the pictures and design went well and that is what i really like about it.

I think i would need to make it look better with more color but i think that is the only problem.

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