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Imogen W – my best two top trump cards


First I chose my favorite topic and then I choose where I was going to put all the shapes  and writing and then went on to online picture. I enjoyed it but I could improve my symmetry.


Pippa’s Best Two Cards



I like doing the fonts and the pictures but I think I could improve by making the writing

even .

Carrie-C My Best Two Top Trump Cards

Reflection:We went on to word and published ten top trump cards by changing  colour and uploding pictures and changing the font.

I made the colours match and the pictures fit nicely and set it out neatly.

Maybe next time I could add more detail .

I really enjoyed it because it was FUN!

zane l -best top trump cards


How I did it: I  got  the outline of the cards and then put all the ratings and pictures on.

What I did well: I think I did the colors well and I think it stands out.

Did I enjoy the project: yes it was really fun doing the football cards.

vinnie T- best two cards


First  I  went to google to get my picture of motor bikes.  I printed the pictures and did some research to see how fast they are.

I think that I choose my picture carefully.    I think I struggle with getting  my pictures

I can improve doing more writing about my other pictures.

i liked doing my motor bike because I liked all the pictures that I found.

oscarc – my best two cards



I found it tricky to tackle these difficult problems. But I did it in the end.

We made them with skill and focus.   I also had to learn to type and put picture into my work.

I did some research of facts for my legends .

Most of all I liked the cyclops

lukes 2 best top trump cards


First I went on to publisher 2013 and  then I went to shapes.   Then I got the frame.

Next I typed all the words in and then I went to the internet and got a picture of the dragons.

I think I i did presentation well.

It was difficult to get the pictures.

The improvements I should make are the spacing.

I really liked this project because I got to get loads of pictures of my favourite dragons.

Agilan X- My Best Two Top Trump Cards


In this project I went on to Microsoft word and created top trump cards about dinosaurs.  Most importantly I learnt how to create folders and put things in them.

I made the card stand out with different colours  and arranged them neatly.   I got a  bit stuck but luckily my best friend and my computing teacher helped me to tackle tricky tasks. 



We chose are best cards and saved them on to jpeg and posted it on to blog.     Then we posted it on to computing year 4  and we wrote a reflection.

I was good at choosing pictures.

I could of done better at choosing characters because they are hard to remember.

I loved doing this because i can finally send my work where someone can see it.

Sophia-T My Two Best Top Trumps

We    used     word      to    make    top   trumps       we      bib   bobs        and       we    saved    them    in files

we    changing     the    diffrent    website   .

I   was     good      at     the      change     website.

I was     bad    at       getting    them    finished .

I     liked    the    project    because    it   was      more     free    – we   were   allowed  to  choose what we wanted.

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