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Anna L-My best two top trump cards


We went on to microsoft word to create top trump cards and learn how to use folders and how to use JPEG.

The things that went well was finding pictures and getting the font.

I could improve my work by trying to keep it symmetrical.

I enjoyed it because I learnt a lot  and had a lot of fun.


  1. Anna I love your cards! they are so cool!!! No one else has chosen teddie bears , so it is different (in a nice kind of way.) from Daisy

  2. Ruby is also doing teddy bears, but I really like your cards! The teddy bears are so cute! I want to jump in and cuddle them!
    love Elisabeth

  3. Amazing work Anna,I love the idea the name ted is cute.You could improve by NOTHING that`s fab your reflection is good it`s really good work you worked really hard!

  4. Well done Anna!
    You could improve by changing the fonts.
    Fantastic work!

  5. Lovely cards Anna! I like the idea of Teddy Bears and your use of colours and shapes is excellent. You could improve by using borders on your shapes.

  6. I like the theme of the Teddy bears but I think you could try and make the cards more symmetrical and change some of the colours . Well done I really liked them .

  7. Anna I love the teddy bears they are so cute I think you can improve on a better border but I love them.

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