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Daisy J-My two best top trump cards


To make these top trumps cards, we had to go on Microsoft word and design them . After that we made them into a JPEG

I went on shapes , and put that circular frame around it.(with some help from Mr Jones ,who is my computing teacher.) I thought that went well.

I could improve on my work by making the text clearer.

I really enjoyed it , because it was awesome putting in the pictures , and Mr Jones is my Dad!


  1. I think your Top Trumps are amazing! You could make the text a bit bigger but otherwise Excellent work.

  2. Daisy ,I think your work is amazing but you could improve it by making the writing bigger.

  3. i agree with all of them you could add the corgis,.

  4. I really like the theme you have got. I agree with Irina about the corgis, especially on the same card as the queen but otherwise I love your cards!

  5. Well done Daisy! Some great cards and an original theme. You used colours and fonts very well and I like your choice of borders. Perhaps the colour of the word ‘intelligence’ could be different as it clashes with your background but overall, great work!

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