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Nat R-My best two top trumps


I learnt how to insert pictures and save in files and made top trump cards so i could test out fonts and sizes.

I got it done quickly and efficiently and made it eye-catching.

The writing could have been bigger.

I enjoyed it because I got to experiment with all the fonts,pictures and you got to find out about the animals.


  1. well done nat!!

  2. great cards Nat they look so adventures and they could improve by making the writing bigger and the pictures more clear

  3. Well done Nathanel, you have done a good job I really like it you could just make the writing a little bigger still very good.

  4. Fab work Nat they are amazing cards as i said last time make them a bit bigger.

  5. I like the danger sign!
    You could improve it by making the font bigger.

  6. Well done Nathanel!
    You could improve by making the writing bigger
    other wise Excellent work!

  7. I like the background colour for reptilians I think you have nothing to improve.

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