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Samuel-A My two best top trumps cards.



I used publisher to create  my tow top trumps cards.

I think I made the pitchers well.

I could controlled the computer a little bit more.

yes I love computing and I enjoyed the project.I liked going google and looking for pitchers.




  1. i love your top trumps sam you could make the animals look real

    • Well done Sam! Your cards look great and I love the use of colours. Your pictures and design look good too. However, you could improve your cards by making the writing bigger and ensuring capital letters are in the title in the right place.

  2. Good job sama your top trumps are very good,it is just you need to make the writing bigger overall very good.

  3. You did a good job Sam,I like the theme the best.

  4. Well done Sam. That is the best I’ve seen in the whole of the blog! You have nothing to improve !

  5. Amazing work fab work nothing to improve.

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