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Ahmad S-My Best Two Cards

top trumps set 3 Reflection:

I had fun making these top trumps but the most hardest thing was making it first I had to go onto the internet and find some pictures next I had to get the right colours and shapes to match the back round. After that I get the right boarder for the right picture. I could improve them by adding more detail.  The things I did well was the writing size was good and end everithing is the same size. 


  1. Very good job Ahmad,I love that you have done your top trumps on emojis it is a very good idea.

  2. Thanks for that Femi. Next time I will work on improving the borders.

  3. Well done Ahmad amazing work but for the border around the picture I would make it a bit brighter.

  4. Interesting idea for cards! I’m pleased the poo emoji is happy… The cards are nicely designed and you even used borders! However, the font sizes look different on each card.

  5. I love your emoji top trump cards the only mistake is that the dollar emoji is a bit too long and short and make the text more bigger and make it stand out more.

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