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edwardshep best two top trumps!


What did you do? I made borders,changed the colors on things made a jpeg and a PDF and inserted some pictures.

What did you do well?I did the pictures very well and using the category for the cars.

What could you improve?I could improve with some more details and fonts,colors.

Did you enjoy the project?Yes I enjoyed it very much!!!!!


  1. Good cards Edward, I like your idea I think it is a good theme.

  2. Good work Edward I love your cards there amazing I love cars.I dont get the top trump rating how do you rate that?But anyway great work.

  3. Great work Edward, the top trumps they are very small so at first i thought they were remote control cars so improve the whole size so i can not say any more good things about your top trump cards i am sorry for being negative but i am just telling the truth. can not see the bottom of the top trump cards i really think that they look great and really nice cards but i can not see the car name with the color overlapping the writing the top trump cards are also a bit to thin and they are not the same size it is great but it needs a lot more working on but a good try Edward but i think you can do better than that.
    kind regards

  4. That is OK,I am really happy that you excepted my likes and dislikes well done Edward

  5. fantastic cards Edward ,
    I really like your choice but I think you could improve on making your
    cards a bit bigger.but oyther than that amazing cards!

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