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Elisabeth O – My best two cards


First I made a colour-filled shape on word. Then, I put some shapes on top of the big shape on the bottom. After that, I went onto the internet and chose some pictures to put on my cards. I have done my cards on the subject of animals, so I had to put animals and their species on my cards. When we had finished on word, we changed it to a PDF because word couldn’t get it to go on. It still didn’t go on, so we changed it to a JPEG and it went onto this. We logged on and we put them on and wrote an explanation.

I chose the pictures carefully and I think I got some very cute ones. I chose a different shape to other people to make it one of a kind, which I think is quite good.

I could improve the paws underneath the pictures as the dots went a bit wonky. I also could have changed the colour of the font to make it a little bit more interesting.

I enjoyed this very much.


  1. What a great pair of cards! I like the original design; it really makes them stand out! I also thought you used colour and shapes effectively too. Perhaps you could be a little more careful with getting the pictures in the borders next time but overall – excellent work! BLOB

  2. Well done Elisabeth
    I really like the way you used lots of colours.

  3. The Cat is sooooooooooo cute, I love the colours you used and I think Its a really good piece of work !

    • Elisebeth,I really like the shape of your cards!
      You could have made your font a bit bigger.
      You used colours very well!
      Mostly they are very good!

  4. Your cards are the best I’ve seen so far! you could improve by …… NOTHING!
    The work is so, good Elizibeth! I love your design!
    from D.J

  5. Well done but could of made your text a bit bigger.


  6. I love your cards Elisabeth but the writing could be bigger!

  7. Fantastic Elisabeth!
    You could improve by making the writing bigger!

  8. I love your cards they are amazing the cat is super cute you could improve by making your writing bigger.

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