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Erin-H My Best Two Top Trump Cards

Reflection :

We made Top Trump cards on Microsoft word and then we made them into a PDF and a Jpeg  and then we put it into our computing file so we could post them on our blog .

I think I did well when we made them into a PDF and then a Jpeg and when we were posting them online .

I think I could improve on importing pictures and making shapes and changing the colours of the text .

I enjoyed doing our Top Trump cards thoroughly and I would love to do them again .


  1. Well done Erin
    I can see you put lots off effort into those cards!

  2. Well done ! I love the unicorns and stuff! You could make the pictures a bit bigger but I really like it!
    love Elisabeth

  3. I think your cards are very creative.The pictures are very good.
    from yeni

  4. I think your cards are really good but i agree that you could of made some
    improvements like made your cards a bit bigger and your text bigger but i can see that you have put a lot of effort in to it.
    Well done!


  5. These are realy good set of epic cards and you can`t improve anything!

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