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ruby p- my best two cards


We started on word. Then we changed the colour, font and shapes. Once we had finished we moved it onto PDF and then a j peg.

I think I did well choosing the shapes and images, because I looked really carefully at them both.

I could improve my top trump cards by adding more colour to them both and more of a verity of fonts.

I liked this project, because I got to know how to make folders and get better at using word.



  1. I really like your cards and the teddy cat is really nice! You could make the writing a bit bigger and that stuff but I really like it!
    love Elisabeth

  2. Yes I agree with Elisabeth Ruby you could make the writing bigger but overall a really good top trumps set

  3. Well done Ruby, your cards look great! You have used colours really well. You could improve them by making the title writing bigger and also ensuring the frames are the same as each other as the cats frame is in front of the box. Overall, a good effort.

  4. Your cards look great but the title could be a bit bigger.

  5. You need to make writing bigger.

  6. I really like your cards but the writing could be a bit bigger for the title, but they are really nice! I love the teddy bears!

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