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Etienne B – Two best top trump cards


I had to do a lot of things I have never done in my life so it was quite hard but I did it. Like changing fonts , pasting pictures ,copying the top trump cards and making twenty top trump cards.It went well because I had a brilliant teacher that helped me. I could improve on my pasting ,but overall it was so fun and I would love to do it again!


  1. I liked your cards because they are so colourful and i liked the adorable dogs.

  2. I love your cards Etienne you could improve your symmetry

    from Leila

  3. Your cards are great but you could try and make the lightining strokes a bit smaller!

  4. I liked your cards Etiennne but if you didn’t put the colours on your set of cards it would of looked a bit better.

  5. I like your cards Etienne but I think the font and the colours could be changed and the writing could be a little bigger but overall I think they are a really good set of cards .

  6. I like your idea you could try not to make the bolts to big.

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