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Francescaem best 2 top trump cards

We made are own top trump sets of cards and this is my favorite set of 2 and as well as that we learnt how to switch a PDF file to a J peg and we learnt to witch fonts and all that sort of things.

The thing that went well was trying to find the cute pictures of all the dogs i needed.

I think that nothing could be in proved.

I really did enjoy my project as it was finding all the cute pictures of all the dogs [I LOVE DOGS].


  1. You are right Francesca they are amazing you could make your writing a bit bigger but otherwise it is very good !!

  2. The dogs are really cute! Etienne is right about making the writing a bit bigger, but I think its amazing!

  3. Everything is great but I think you could make the top trumps bigger.

  4. Thanks for my improvements that I could of made I think they are very honest I will try and make those improvements next time thank you again.


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