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Leila B-Two best top trump cards





There were a lot of things I had to do that I didn’t know you could do like changing things to JPEG , putting things onto the blog and making 10 top trump cards

I think I did most things like detail quite well but there were a few things I think I could improve

Things I could improve were  making the cards the same and putting in more detail

I loved this project so much and I wish we could do it again!


  1. Leila fantastic work!
    You can not improve on anything!

  2. Well done Leila you should maybe get rid of the hearts because your writing is a bit squashed but otherwise they are very nice.

  3. Really good work. You could improve on nothing.

  4. Your work is lovely. It is so good! You could improve by nothing.

  5. I really like your top trumps but I think there is a bit to much shapes.

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