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Aryan B – best ever cards


rectangle sqare, tittle text picture pdf jpeg to the blog

the pictures went well

i can remember to do the text

i enjoed the project loads


Abdullah-best two top trumps


We went on our school blog and we made our top trump cards did mine about mammals as good as we could and we searched for

our pictures I did mine about mammals.I really enjoyed the whole computing week and I think i have done really good.

I can improve by at the top, write in bigger writing.

jacks-best two top trumps


We went on the blog and we made our cards by going on online pictures  and found our pictures. After that we updated them and put them on the blog. I really enjoyed the whole project and i think i done very well.I can improve by making the writing bigger.

Olivia my two best top trump cards


The project was about making top trump cards.


I think I used the colors  well.

I could improve by doing it quicker.

I enjoyed it because I learnt how to make A new folder and find the things I  put in them.

Lanita – Best Two Cards


I went on to Word and learnt how to insert pictures and publish work.

I think the pictures went well.

I could improve by being faster.

I really enjoyed it though!



Simran-D my best two top trump cards


I went on to word and I learnt the basics o f the computer I learnt how to use a Jpeg.

I think the design went very well.

I could improve the font and the pictures and the colours.

I enjoyed the project because it was really fun!

Shivani my best set of top trump cards.



We had to go onto word and then get the shape we wanted and do the border and then do our tittle after that you get your scores for your top trump cards and finally you get your pictures.

I think my scores went very well.

I could work a bit quicker for my improvement.

I really did like it.

Irina B-my best two top trump cards


We were making top trump cards  also learning to go on folder and to use Microsoft word.

The pictures were easy  and the writing.

To concentrate more and do it more by myself.

I did enjoy the project but it was a little bit tricky what   i liked about it was design it.

Francescaem best 2 top trump cards

We made are own top trump sets of cards and this is my favorite set of 2 and as well as that we learnt how to switch a PDF file to a J peg and we learnt to witch fonts and all that sort of things.

The thing that went well was trying to find the cute pictures of all the dogs i needed.

I think that nothing could be in proved.

I really did enjoy my project as it was finding all the cute pictures of all the dogs [I LOVE DOGS].

Dayas – Best two top trumps cards

reflection: I had to make a top trumps card using shapes an J peg and pasting pictures now I am going to put it on the blog.

I got lots of help from a brilliant teacher and did my best.

I think the thing  I was doing it about was a bit poor but overall I did well.

I enjoyed it very much because now I  have learnt to do something new.

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