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Ahmad S-My Best Two Cards

top trumps set 3 Reflection:

I had fun making these top trumps but the most hardest thing was making it first I had to go onto the internet and find some pictures next I had to get the right colours and shapes to match the back round. After that I get the right boarder for the right picture. I could improve them by adding more detail.  The things I did well was the writing size was good and end everithing is the same size. 

Erin-H My Best Two Top Trump Cards

Reflection :

We made Top Trump cards on Microsoft word and then we made them into a PDF and a Jpeg  and then we put it into our computing file so we could post them on our blog .

I think I did well when we made them into a PDF and then a Jpeg and when we were posting them online .

I think I could improve on importing pictures and making shapes and changing the colours of the text .

I enjoyed doing our Top Trump cards thoroughly and I would love to do them again .

Nehemiah O-My best two top trump cards


i enjoyed doing this project it helped me to learn more how to create things on on computers.

i think my top trumps are the best things i have made on a computer.

i think the pictures and design went well and that is what i really like about it.

I think i would need to make it look better with more color but i think that is the only problem.

Mr Jones – Best Two Top Trump Cards

I really enjoyed this project and learned the basics of MS Word.