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Samuel-A My two best top trumps cards.



I used publisher to create  my tow top trumps cards.

I think I made the pitchers well.

I could controlled the computer a little bit more.

yes I love computing and I enjoyed the project.I liked going google and looking for pitchers.



Tarran p- best two top trump card



I used word to make my top trump cards .

I think I did the pictures well.

I think I could improve the way the top trump cards look.

I enjoyed the the project because I learned how to use a computer properly.

Henry C – My two best top trumps


I inserted pictures and made the shapes and made top trump cards and made files.

I think copying them was what went well because there fairly even.

I need to improve the pictures by putting a frame on them.

I enjoyed the project because I learnt allot about the computer.

Nat R-My best two top trumps


I learnt how to insert pictures and save in files and made top trump cards so i could test out fonts and sizes.

I got it done quickly and efficiently and made it eye-catching.

The writing could have been bigger.

I enjoyed it because I got to experiment with all the fonts,pictures and you got to find out about the animals.

Anna L-My best two top trump cards


We went on to microsoft word to create top trump cards and learn how to use folders and how to use JPEG.

The things that went well was finding pictures and getting the font.

I could improve my work by trying to keep it symmetrical.

I enjoyed it because I learnt a lot  and had a lot of fun.

Daisy J-My two best top trump cards


To make these top trumps cards, we had to go on Microsoft word and design them . After that we made them into a JPEG

I went on shapes , and put that circular frame around it.(with some help from Mr Jones ,who is my computing teacher.) I thought that went well.

I could improve on my work by making the text clearer.

I really enjoyed it , because it was awesome putting in the pictures , and Mr Jones is my Dad!

William C – My best two top trumps cards.


We went onto Microsoft word and designed our top trump cards then we turned it  into JPEG  and then finally we put it on the blog.

Finding the pictures was very easy and also getting the shapes.

I could improve my work by putting a border onto it.

YES I did enjoy because it was very fun and also I learnt a lot.


Yeni P-Best Two Top Trump Cards


First I made all the shapes i needed. Next I colored all of the shapes. Finally I wrote everything I needed,then just inserted the two pictures.I used word to make it in,and I did a bit of inserting. It was a bit difficult to make but I got there in the end.

I think I did great on the skills.

I could improve some more on the pictures. By making sure that the border around the picture is equal.

I LOVED making the top trumps!!!

Mr Jones – Best Two Top Trump Cards

I really enjoyed this project and learned the basics of MS Word.

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