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Visali-P best two top trump cards

Reflection:We went to word to publish are top trump cards we first choose are favourite shape for the

top trump cards then uploded pictures .We changed the font too.I made the the pictures fit in perfect the

bad thing was I did not match the colours with the pictures . I improved setting it out neatly. I enjoyed it a




The best thing was putting the pictures  on!

The project is top trump.

I could improve writing.

reubnd-best top trumps





what you did: i made top trumps by making and edeting stuf.

what went well: creating them went well

what could you improve: i dont now what i could improve

did you enjoy it:yes it was very fun .





















What I did was I made a back bit for my card then I got a area for the name for the snake then I got the pictures.


I think I did a good job and I tried my best.


I could have worked a bit faster.


Yes I really enjoyed this project.



what the project was:To make top  trumps by word.

what you did well:The picture and the back ground.

what could you improve:The line for the back ground and no shadows under the picture.

did you enjoy it:Yes very much.

Emily j – My best two top trump set


We made top trump sets on word and then copied them and put the writing and pictures. Then we put them into a j peg and then put it into the blog. I think the pictures went well and I also think I could improve the writing. I really enjoyed it.

Isabella m – best two top trump set


The project was top trumps . I did well on the eating ability.

The pug was hard to do because the pug would not come up when i search for a good picture.I engoiy it.

My best two top trump cards


It was hard finding the right pictures and putting it in place

I came up with good ideas and putting it in to the top trump card

I could improve designing my pictures and make it the same size

I enjoyed it because we got to get pictures of line

My top two best top trumps cards. Femi


What the project was ; it was a top trumps project.

What I did well ; I  came up with good ideas and put the pictures together well .

What I could improve on; designing  my cards well.

Did you enjoy it ; I enjoyed it really well because I like getting cars from the internet.


Nirvair D Best 2 top trump cards

Reflection:I made top trumps cards on the computer.

I made my two favorite animals on cards.

I could improve my symmetrical bits.

of course i enjoyed it.


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