First I made a colour-filled shape on word. Then, I put some shapes on top of the big shape on the bottom. After that, I went onto the internet and chose some pictures to put on my cards. I have done my cards on the subject of animals, so I had to put animals and their species on my cards. When we had finished on word, we changed it to a PDF because word couldn’t get it to go on. It still didn’t go on, so we changed it to a JPEG and it went onto this. We logged on and we put them on and wrote an explanation.

I chose the pictures carefully and I think I got some very cute ones. I chose a different shape to other people to make it one of a kind, which I think is quite good.

I could improve the paws underneath the pictures as the dots went a bit wonky. I also could have changed the colour of the font to make it a little bit more interesting.

I enjoyed this very much.